The Driving Disaster~A Photo Story

I stood on the sidewalk, my hair whisping in the wind as cars whizzed by. The DMV guy told me the driving instructor would be here by now… I thought. My mind buzzed with excitement, I would finally be able to drive.  I thought of all the places I could go with my licence, all the…… Continue reading The Driving Disaster~A Photo Story


FAMILY Game Night, YEAH RIGHT!~A Photo Story

FAMILY Game Night… YEAH RIGHT! *Emily’s POV* I strided into Molly’s bedroom, scooting board games at my feet. Because tonight, was going to be the funnest Parker Family Game Night EVER! “Guess what today is!” Nobody guessed. “TODAY, is the Funnest Parker Family Game Night EVER!” Grace and Paisley managed a few half-hearted “yay…”‘s, but…… Continue reading FAMILY Game Night, YEAH RIGHT!~A Photo Story