Agdollawesome Kitchen Tour!

  Bonjour Lovelies!  It’s Grace, the baking Extraordinaire in this family.  Recently, Sammy made a kitchen for me out of foam board!  I think it’s pretty awesome, so today, I’m going to tour it for you, and hopefully give you some inspiration to build your own AG doll kitchen in the process! But before I…… Continue reading Agdollawesome Kitchen Tour!


2016 Fall Agdollawesome Lookbook

It’s Official!  Fall is here, and so is the fashion!  We’ve grouped up several gorgeous looks inspired by this cozy season, Here is the 2016 Agdollawesome Fall lookbook! Chilly And Chic top-American Girl Molly meet Barrete-Kit’s Reporter outfit Skirt-Homemade Shoes- American Girl Maryellen’s meet Cozy Knit Fit Top-AG leggings-AG Shoes-AG Crimson Cozy Top-Emily Meet leggings-homemade…… Continue reading 2016 Fall Agdollawesome Lookbook

Kit’s Corner- Baking Easter Bunnies with Grace!

“Hello there!  It’s Kit…” “And Grace.” “And Today we are here for another Jim-Dandy Kit’s Corner!” “And today we are going to make a Chocolate Easter Bunny!” “But first, you will need some supplies.” “You will need, a work surface, a wooden spoon, a bunny mold, and a boiler.” “You will also need some molding…… Continue reading Kit’s Corner- Baking Easter Bunnies with Grace!

Baking With Grace: Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Madeleines

Hello!  It’s Grace.  Today, Samantha let me show her how to make chocolate dipped vanilla Madeleine’s for her Birthday part tonight.  She is having a few of her friends over for a sleep over.  I thought that I can show you how to make them too.  First, you need a few supplies and ingredients. Supplies:…… Continue reading Baking With Grace: Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Madeleines