A 1940’s Christmas

Hi!  Its Molly here!  Today I am going to show you what it was like to have Christmas in the forties! First off, lets show you my tree!  In the forties, we had real Fir or Evergreen tree.  In a effort to be patriotic during the Wartime, we would hang up the ornaments that are…… Continue reading A 1940’s Christmas


Review of AG’s store Exclusive Santa Dress

Hello!  My awesome friend, Kittylover106, let me borrow her Store Exclusive Santa outfit so that I can review it.  How awesome is that!? Also, concerning the giveaway: -I am going to pick the winner today and announce it tomorrow.  Next time, I will be much more clear about that. 😉 Molly loves this Santa dress!…… Continue reading Review of AG’s store Exclusive Santa Dress