Solstice Children Q & Ayyyy

“Hey Grace!” “Um…. Hey Molly.  Do you have clearance to be back here?” “Uh, excuse me? Of course I do!  This is my scene!” “And I have a sharp object in my hands so watch out!” “Molly!  I told you to putthat sword away when the scene was done!” “Come on Emily, it’s for the…… Continue reading Solstice Children Q & Ayyyy


Solstice Children~ Season 1, Episode 2

Click here to view Episode 1 Episode Two She followed him through the dense foliage of the forest, her heart thumping with the passion of her innocence. One question burned through her mind, What is going to become of me? But she knew that the answer to that question, whatever it was, was not good for…… Continue reading Solstice Children~ Season 1, Episode 2