Review: Maryellen’s Fridge And Food Set

This past Christmas, my Grandparents bought me Maryellen’s Fridge and food set.   I’ve been wanting to review this for quite some time, since it has a way of looking great in any Doll Kitchen!  It retails for 150$ at full price from AG, and I’m so thankful it’s part of my doll collection!   Lets begin…… Continue reading Review: Maryellen’s Fridge And Food Set


2016 Fall Agdollawesome Lookbook

It’s Official!  Fall is here, and so is the fashion!  We’ve grouped up several gorgeous looks inspired by this cozy season, Here is the 2016 Agdollawesome Fall lookbook! Chilly And Chic top-American Girl Molly meet Barrete-Kit’s Reporter outfit Skirt-Homemade Shoes- American Girl Maryellen’s meet Cozy Knit Fit Top-AG leggings-AG Shoes-AG Crimson Cozy Top-Emily Meet leggings-homemade…… Continue reading 2016 Fall Agdollawesome Lookbook