Molly Parker’s Day Off

“Molly?  Molly?” I turned around in my bed, moaning. “What’s the matter!  Molly?” I blinked slowly.  Open and close.  Open and close. “Emily?” “It hurts Emily…”  I wailed, “You don’t have a fever, but you say you don’t feel well?  And you’re seeing spots?  And your Stomach’s hurting?” “I’m fine… I’ll get up…” She pushed…… Continue reading Molly Parker’s Day Off

This Beautiful Earth~A Photo Story+Giveaway Winners!

Happy Earth day!  The giveaway winner will be announced after you read this special photo story!   *Molly’s POV* Samantha and I trekked through mossy undergrowth, twigs cracking at our feet. I, Molly, the extraordinaire in just about everything, was about to take Samantha, my introverted sister, on an Earth Day adventure of a life…… Continue reading This Beautiful Earth~A Photo Story+Giveaway Winners!

Molly’s Guide to Stalking People~For 200 Subs

Hey Peeps!  It’s your gal Molly! And today, I am going to show you how to stalk your sisters! OK, so here’s what we know about Emily’s suspicious behavior lately… ~She is currently wearing a huge winter coat, and it’s 80 degrees in California today! ~She’s been on the computer gawking all day ~She didn’t…… Continue reading Molly’s Guide to Stalking People~For 200 Subs

2016 Fall Agdollawesome Lookbook

It’s Official!  Fall is here, and so is the fashion!  We’ve grouped up several gorgeous looks inspired by this cozy season, Here is the 2016 Agdollawesome Fall lookbook! Chilly And Chic top-American Girl Molly meet Barrete-Kit’s Reporter outfit Skirt-Homemade Shoes- American Girl Maryellen’s meet Cozy Knit Fit Top-AG leggings-AG Shoes-AG Crimson Cozy Top-Emily Meet leggings-homemade…… Continue reading 2016 Fall Agdollawesome Lookbook