Valerie The Newscaster

  Good afternoon Dolli-verse! Today has been another amazing day for our family!  The apocalypse is not yet upon us, so that’s a plus.  Emily’s not on a rampage again, and we still depend on Sam for clothing, food, and life!  Nice to know we’re not possessed or something. Today’s news: Maryellen had a cross…… Continue reading Valerie The Newscaster


A Day in the Life of Valerie Isabel Parker! <3

  6:03 am “Oh, hey there!  I’m Valerie Isabel Parker, and this is a day in my life!  Samantha will be following me around and vlogging my day!” “So, since I wake up pretty early,(Around 6:00,) my family isn’t quite awake yet.  Which means that I have to be super quiet so I don’t wake anyone up.…… Continue reading A Day in the Life of Valerie Isabel Parker! ❤