imageToday emily went outside to read on her bench while in front of my bench!

imageShe decided to read Meet Kit!

image“Wow, this is a really good read!”


imageEmily finished the book and fell asleep!

imageLuckily she got up soon!

image“that was a long but good book!  Who knew the great depression could be so…depressing!”

Hope you liked that short little photostory!  It was short because I am going to Sequoia National Park today and I have a long drive ahead of me!  I might take pictures but not of dolls.  My Molly almost melted a few days ago and I dont want to risk that happening again!  I will post my opinion on Ag’s new realease tommorow if I have time!  So since I dont have anything else to say, bye!


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  1. Wow, that’s really scary about Molly! I’m glad you’re playing it safe and not bringing any dolls with you on your trip. I hope you have a fun time!


      1. I’m really glad!
        That’s good. 😉 I’ll remember that next time I photograph my dolls outside…which won’t be today unfortunately since it’s raining. 😦


      2. Your right! I actually experienced it while taking pics of a fourth of july picnic! (oops! spoiler alert!) I accidentally left Kit out in my backyard in the heat of 3:00 in the afternoon! Luckily, she was fine.

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