Product Opinions on Beforever Realeases!!

So today I will do product opinions on the Beforever collection.  I know, this is super late but I want to get it done.  Lets get started! First we will do Julie’s collection.

julies bed and bedding

Well surprisingly, I like this bed A LOT!  I would not buy it though.  The colors are so pretty together and I like it better than her old one.  Good Job, AG!

julies zigzag pajamasI liked her old ones better.  These seem like something bitty Babies would wear.

luilies daisy vanity setTHis seems a bit immature for me personally, but I can see that it is very 1970s!  So bright!

Kits collection:

one pices pjI like the print.  In fact I feel like the print was popular in that time.  I like the slippers too.  I would probably not buy this for myself, though.

CKB89_Kit_Bed_Bedding_1I like it but not as much as the old one.  And does it fold out now that Ruthie is not here?  I sure hope it does.

radio setI LOVE THIS!!!! I will totally buy it!  I am so glad they put in a Robin hood book because it was big in her stories!

Rebecca’s collection:

CKB94_Rebecca_Satin_Pajamas_1I feel like this has a bit too much pink for my taste.  I liked her old Pajamas better.

rebeccas bed time acs.Ok, can I just say the nesting dolls are ADORABLE!!!! I also love the dominoes.  I would buy this if I had Rebecca.

CKB95_Rebecca_Bed_Bedding_1I know other people dont like it, but i actually LOVE it!  It is so graceful and pretty.  I might actually buy this!

Addy’s Collection:

CKB97_Addy_Nightgown_1I love the neckline on the nightgown.

addy bedThis is the same as her old one!  Well close at least.  I like the pattern on the quilt.

CKB99_Addy_Bedroom_Accessories_1Love her accessories!  And look at the doll!!!

Josefina’s Collection:

CKB91_Josefina_Nightgown_1this nightgown is so authentic to her time!

osefinas bedI love her bed WAY better than the old one!

josefinas nightime accesoriesYay!  She gets a doll!  I love this set!

end of reviews

So, hoped you liked it!  I might post again later today. And at some point in the future I will do reviews of Julie’s collection.  I really hope you have a good day!  Bye!


6 thoughts on “Product Opinions on Beforever Realeases!!

  1. I hate to tell you this, but kids AND adults wore pj’s like that in the 30’s. They were called Union Suits and many people wore them because heating was very inadequate in most houses at that time. LL Bean still sells them on their website, people who camp and hunt wear them.


    1. Thank you for the great information on onesies. I love learning about historical facts. You know, I realized that I am being too negative on this review, I think it’s time to edit 😉


      1. I wouldn’t necessarily edit it–if you don’t like it, you don’t like it! I just want to be sure that everyone knows the historical fact because I see things being criticized in so much of the BeForever line without any research. It’s fine not to like it, I HATE Rebecca’s swimsuit but it is historically accurate as well!


      2. Oh, I wanted to edit it because I did some soul searching and realized that I am not a negative person and the reviews never really reflected who I am.


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