Miss Piggie and Pig Costumes!


Hey!  I promised a Miss.Piggie outfit a few days ago!  Thanks to Geeky Girl for telling me in the comments what she would do for a Miss.Piggie costume!  First i will show you the actual Muppet Miss Piggie and then I will show you the pig!

First, i got a little bit of inspiration. 

i went online and found a bit!  Did you know there was a Project Runway challenge inspired by Miss.Piggie?  i found everything I needed on Babble.com!  (i gave credit, don’t worry!)


This was supposed to be the real life fashion inspired by the classic Muppet!


And here is the beautiful star herself!


Here is how the costume turned out.


The pig ears and proboscis (Sorry couldn’t lose the opportunity to squeeze a Vocabulary word in there!)  Were made out of craft foam.The pear necklace is from Ellie’s meet outfit.  My grandma sewed the dress and I am not quite sure where the shawl came from.


So here is the pig outfit!  the pants are sewn by my grandma and the sweater is OG.


The proboscis and ears were made from craft foam.  The stickers are from a Valentine themed sticker pad, and I found the scrunchies at the dollar store.


So that’s my Miss Piggie and Pig costume Hoped you liked it!

Use of Vocab. word:

-the root word pro means forward

-the root word bosk means to feed

-Proboscis means any long snout for feeding!



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