Mary Janes Galore!

So today I decided to post about my collection of doll Mary Janes!  I have Five Historical dolls, most of Kit’s outfits, and most of Maryellen’s outfits.  All of my historicals wore Mary Janes! I think Mary Janes are super cool!


Here they all are!


The first pair is actually my newest pair!  They are from Samantha’s 1904 meet outfit.


These ones look very similar to Samantha’s.  They are from Maryellen’s Gingham school dress!


I was a little disappointed with these Mary Janes since they seem to be made of rubber, but the style is unique to the other Mary Janes.  They are from Molly’s meet outfit.


These shoes are SO cute!  I love that they Velcro at the side and that they could work as a fifties outfit OR a flapper costume!  They are from Maryellen’s Meet Outfit!


I really love these Mary Janes because of the intricate embroidery and unique color.  They are from Kit’s school skirt outfit.


These are a staple for any doll wardrobe!  They can work for Modern dolls as well!


I love these!  I don’t know whether it’s the T-strap or the design on the toe but they are absolutely adorable!  They are from Emily’s meet outfit.





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