200 Posts?!

Yep!  I recently hit my 200th post!  Today I am going to do a short timeline for this special occasion!  Lets get started, shall we?


Most recently, I made a dog wash photo story!  You all loved Marigold in the bubbles!


Grace showed you guys how to make vanilla Madeleines in December.


(My Mom and I helped a little.)


And in November I took a trip to The AG Place San Fransisco!  I came home with the Warm Winter Outfit too!


In October, I showed you how to make various Halloween costumes, like minnie Mouse shown here!


And in September, Maryellen joined the agdollawesome family!


In August, I showed you how to sew your very own fleece pet bed!


In July, Kit and Emily took a swim!


Back in June, the dolls had a fashion show!


In May, Emily got sick!


And in my very first post, I showed you how to nake clay macaroons!

Thank you guys so much for all of your support!

Which post of mine was your favorite?










9 thoughts on “200 Posts?!

    1. Sam, I think I liked the dog wash post best😉! I posted a review on my blog, please go check it out !! Thank you so much!! Also, stay tuned for a stop motion video, which I will post tomorrow!

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