Christmas Wanderlust+ Adeline?


Hsy guys!  How’s it going?  So I took these pictures in front of my house a few days ago, on the spur of the moment, because my lights were so pretty!  (Sure Samantha, we can call it wanderlust, Molly “Wandered”  to the front lawn!)

Our lights are up, almost time for the inside!  I put together a short little poem fr you guys to go along, so let’s take a look!


When the fluorescent colors twinkle, 

bring light for all to see, 

You’ll find me astray, 

Staring out at the beauty, 


Framed with evergreen yuletide wreaths, 

cloaked in a cloudy mist, 

adorned with shiny scarlet bows and ribbons, 


Because this is where you’ll find me, 

My home away from home, 

Until they stop twinkling, I stop wandering, and the fog goes away, 

And although not for long, THIS is where you will find me.

I dunno, Molly wasn’t even wearing pants, (as I said before, spur of the moment, XD)



Now, I kind of have an announcement that I’ve been debating over the last couple of days, Hopefully this is the right choice, but here we go…


Amelia is being changed to Adeline!

I don’r know, i REALLY love the name Adeline, and I’m not as crazy about Amelia.  I really think it suits her personality more.  Adeline also just SOUNDS a lot better than Amelia, It;s more original to me…

What do YOU think about Adeline?  I’d love to chat with you in the comments!  



31 thoughts on “Christmas Wanderlust+ Adeline?

      1. You’re welcome! And yes, it is! In my opinion, any type of name ending in “-yn” would fit Lea… I’ve thought up named like Taryn, Ashlyn, and of course, Adelyn/Adeline… Still deciding…
        LOL, anyway. XD Yep! And ooh, that is awesome! Paisley is a perfect name for her! 😀

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