The Paisley Awards


You are all so very awesome.  The WordPress AG blogging Communtity is a force to be reckoned with, and you are all such amazing little pineapples.  😛


2016 has been a great year for us, a lot of people have joined the AG WordPress Blogging family, and while many have left us, quite a few are still making good quality posts.

This is your host, the beautiful Paisley Penelope Parker of the Agdollawesome blog!


I see so many awards with the same. old. winners.  And some people even win TWICE.  To me, that really isn’t fair.  And half the time, it takes an hour to fill out the form, including links to NOMINATE bloggers.

So we dollies brainstormed. And we came up with something awesome:  The Paisley Awards!  *cheers*


We have ONLY SIX CATEGORIES, and real prizes!  You don’t have to do ANY LINKING, unless I’m unfamiliar with the blog, which is highly unlikely.  The Categories Are..

-Best wordpress AG doll blog overall

-Best wordpress AG doll photography

-Best wordpress AG doll photo stories

-Best wordpress AG doll photo series

-Best dressed AG doll blogging family

Best AG wordpress blog started in 2016


How to nominate:

To nominate people, comment down below.  This award is only for wordpress American Girl Doll Bloggers, sorry blogspot AG Doll bloggers! Nominate people in the order above, and just be sure to tell me:

-the blogger’s website name (not a link, unless you want to)

-(for the photo series awards)  the photo series name

-The blogger’s name

-*OPTIONAL*  why you think the blogger you nominated should win

A few RULES about nominating:

  • you can’t nominate yourself
  • you can’t nominate me
  • only for WordPress ag bloggers
  • only for AMERICAN GIRL WordPress bloggers (that mainly blog about AG dolls)
  • You can only nominate one blog (blogger) once, so there has to be five different bloggers nominated


What about PRIZES??

Well, if you end up winning, I will follow your blog, you get an image to put on your sidebar, and you can choose ONE from the following prizes:

-A special Paisley awards trophy for your doll (if your family is comfortable with me mailing something to you)

-A special Paisley awards poster, (if your family is comfortable with me mailing something to you)

-a collab with me, (it could be a photo shoot, a diy, an expectation vs reality,  photo story, etc.)

-A featured post on this blog

How will this work?

The last day to nominate people is Friday, January 13th, 2017.  

I will post the top nominees on this blog on Monday, January 16th, 2017.

You will be able to vote for the winner on that day.

The last day to vote is Monday, January 23rd, 2017.

I will announce the winners at the Paisley Award Ceremony, on a real stage on Monday, January 30th, 2017.

If you win, I will notify you via email, and you will be able to choose your prize!


Wait a second, You said a REAL STAGE?

Yep!  The Paisley Awards will be announced on a REAL STAGE!  If Samantha has a doll that you have, your “doll” will come up and receive the award.  (Just to be clear, your doll will not be shipped to us or anything.)

And if Samantha DOESN’T have a doll that you have, then a doll that looks like you will receive the award.

One more thing…

PLEASE CAMPAIGN!  You can make posters for people to vote for you and much more!  It will increase your chances of winning, because winning will be of great publicity for your blog!

So Get Nominating!  I can’t wait to announce the winners on the 30th!


Paisley is wearing:
-Melody's floral dress and shoes from AG
-AG Kit's school skirt hat
-Gloves and pearls from AG Rebecca's costume Set







80 thoughts on “The Paisley Awards

  1. -Best wordpress AG doll blog overall: Heart of Dixie Dolls

    -Best wordpress AG doll photography: The Joy’s of Julia

    -Best wordpress AG doll photo stories: Happy House Of AG

    -Best wordpress AG doll photo series: Smile And Craft AG

    -Best dressed AG doll blogging family: Buzz About AG

    –Best AG wordpress blog started in 2016: Hello dollie blog (I think this was started in 2016
    This is a Great idea! I’m so glad you are doing this!

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  2. Best WordPress AG doll blog overall: Delightful World of Dolls by Madison Lorfing. ❤️ she should win because her blog is really amazing, professional, and fun.

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      1. Other times I reply to the wrong people! *Smacks entire brain because she can’t remember what part of the brain is supposed to remember that junk like what the answer to 2×2 is…What is it anyway?*

        Stupid brain *ow, headache*

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  3. Best wordpress AG doll blog overall: Delightful World of Dolls
    Best WordPress ag doll photography:
    Clara’s Craft Corner
    Best ag doll photo series:
    Little House of AG; Masquerade
    Best AG doll photo stories:
    Little House of AG; A Pirate adventure
    Best dressed AG doll family:
    Delightful World of Dolls
    Best AG doll WordPress blog started in 2016:
    (I don’t know if that was started in 2016 or 2017!?)

    Have a great day;

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    1. I just saved a draft of my photography tricks. 😛 I’ve been using the “Canon PowerShot 5×120 IS” for about a month now. The zoom is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ON IT, and I literally just figured out to use the zoom to focus better on the doll. What do you use?

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      1. Wow! Mine doesn’t look as good, but the lens shoot out be a lot, so it looks really professional when people see me using it in my neighborhood. 😛 The only bad side of it is that the batteries run out really quickly. :/

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      2. Lol, at least it takes good pictures! My camera is actually my dad’s camera so I sadly can’t call it my own. But I use it more than him😂. When I was at AG vlogging, all the little girls were staring at me😂.

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  4. This is such an AMAZING idea, Sam! I do get kind of bugged when some blogs win (for example) like 7 out 10 awards, and I wish other blogs had more chances to win. :/ This is super exciting! I’m going to ponder on who I’ll nominate right now and comment in about five minute with my nominations. 😀

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  5. Best WordPress Blog Overall: Silver Sky Dolls
    Best WordPress Doll Photography: Clara’s Craft Corner
    Best WordPress Doll Photo Stories: Silver Sky Dolls
    Best WordPress Doll Photo Series: Silver Sky Dolls
    Best Dressed AG Doll Blogging Family: Happy House Of AG
    Best AG Doll Blog Started in 2016: (Sorry, I don’t follow anyone who started in 2016)
    TO SAMANTHA: I hope it was okay that I nominated Tess (Silver Sky Dolls) for 3 categories…PLEASE let me know if that is not okay so I can change it! 🙂 Bella 🙂

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  6. -Best wordpress AG doll blog overall
    Okay, this is REALLY hard. XD There are so many AMAZING WP AG doll blogs out there! I’m going to have to say, uh… She’ll Go Down in Herstory (

    -Best wordpress AG doll photography
    Small Dolls in a Big World (They are on WordPress, I checked 😉 )

    -Best wordpress AG doll photo stories
    Best photostories… HMM… That’s so hard! Okay… Little House of American Girl 😀

    -Best wordpress AG doll photo series
    Ask by MorganAshley @ Amazingly Adollable

    -Best dressed AG doll blogging family
    Mini Mad! (

    –Best AG wordpress blog started in 2016
    Smile and Craft AG 😀

    Okay! I think that’s it! These awards really made me think! I actually had to go back to my WordPress reader and take a look at every blog I follow and visit a few. These awards are super fun! Thanks for hosting them, Sam!

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  7. Wow, once again I’m wishing I had WordPress. Oh well, (even if it was a wordpress blog, I’ve never gotten nominated for anything anyways) I’ll still nominate if I can!
    Best WP AG doll blog overall: Delightful World of Dolls, of course! Who else?!
    Best WP AG doll photography: The Girl Upstairs
    Best WP AG doll photo stories: She’ll Go Down in Herstory
    Best AG WP blog started in 2016: SmileandCraftAG (I’m leaving a link just in case

    It was pretty hard finding WP blogs that I follow, believe it or not (and I follow over fifty!)!
    ~ Light4theLord

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  8. What an AH-mazing idea! I nominate…
    Madi’s blog, Delightful World of Dolls as the best AG blog overall!
    American Girl Doll Artist @ Small Dolls In A Big World as best AG photography!
    I would like to nominate DWOD’s series, HOTH…but I probably can’t, so I’ll say, the Smallones, by Clara from Clara’s Craft Corner!
    Probably HHOAG for best dressed AG family!
    Honestly, I have no idea as to what AG blogs were started in 2016…mine did…will yiu give me some ideas?
    Again, the Paisley Awards was an amazing idea! 💟💟💟


    1. Thank you for nominating! There are lots of ideas in the comments above, surprisingly, there weren’t many in started in 2016! Yeah, I just get kind of bothered by the other awards, and then I was like, “That’s it! More bloggers need to be recognized!” 😛

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    1. Thank you to anyone who nominated me!

      Best AG photographer: AGDA @ Smalldollsinabigworld
      Best photostpry series: Serpents (by Loren@HHOAG)
      Best blog: Delightfulworldofdolls
      Best new blog: Miri@Smalldollsbighearts

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      1. Hmmmm….I should think…
        Best Photography would go to Loren from HHOAG
        Best All Around Blog: agdollawesome (manned by Samantha)
        Best photostories: Madison from Delightful World of Dolls
        Best dressed: Smalldollsinabigworld

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      2. Great choices! But for the best overall, I’m going to need you to pick somebody else, because it wouldn’t be fair if I won! I’m flattered that you think I’d be up and running for it though! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      3. OHHHH stupid me. Makes sense. Then the runner-up for best overall blog is Archives of My Historical Doll Family. Jessa does an excellent job sewing and creating stories for her dolls. I love reading everything that comes off her blog. 🙂

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