Emily has a Fall Part 2

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Fall 56

Uggh as I woke up I saw my BFF Molly sitting on my bed. Em its time to get up. Fine I grumbled sleepily! The doctor said you could try and walk today. Okay I said hesitantly.

fall 6

Yowza I cried that hurts. As I stepped onto the floor. Oh it hurt so bad.

FE 1

I laid back down and cried. OH I will never get better. Em ya just got to try said Molly me and Kristen will help ya to the TV. Okay I said I want to watch Harry Potter!!

fall 1

Kristen and Molly helped me to the TV. There the best friends ever!
FE 2

As I watched Harry Potter. It made me feel a little better. Soon Molly walked in and said get your riding boots on we have a surprise.

fall l

THIS IS THE BEST SURPRISE EVER!!! I yelled. I am pretty sure the entire camp heard me. I loveā€¦

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