How To Make Arm And Leg Casts For Your AG Doll

imageHey!  Today I will show you how to make easy and simple arm and leg casts that wont harm your doll!  All you will need is sports tape that sticks to itself.  It will not leave marks on your doll and you can find it at your local Walgreens or CVS.  (As you can see, it also comes in a variety of colors!  I got purple because thats the color I chose for my cast!

imagesince Saige broke her elbow, I am pointing at where you can start your wrapping.  You can start the wrapping wherever you want though.  😀

imageLay your doll down and start wrapping the tape from the top of her limbs to the bottom.

imageThen sorta cut out the sides of the remainder of tape and tuck it over her thumb and into the wrap.

imageHere is the finished arm cast!

imageYou can do the same thing for a foot, leg, or ankle cast!

imagePoor Saige!!!

So hope you liked it!  If you noticed, lately I’ve been trying to recreate the feel better kit from AG.  I am at my Grandma Carol’s house right now.  Tomorrow we are going to a local french cafe where I will take lots of pics!  (Saige can’t stop saying  “Ooh La La!”  😀  )  I also just started to volunteer at the animal shelter too!  I will also take pics there next time I go.  Hope you are having an awesome day and I will hopefully post again later!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls  ❤


7 thoughts on “How To Make Arm And Leg Casts For Your AG Doll

  1. When I broke both my wrists on the same day, my cast looked EXACTLY like that! I have wrap like that…I must use it for casts for my dolls if I lose the ones from the Feel Better kit. 😛


      1. It sure did – I didn’t cry until AFTER I found out I had to go to Urgent Care. Because I was really scared of doctors at the time. 😛
        Yes, I could tell! You’re doing a great job, might I add – The crafts are amazing!


      2. Thanks! I broke my elbow at pump it up. ( it’s a bouncy house place.). Me and my mom were racing on an obstacle course, and I fell with all my weight on my elbow! It REALLY hurt when I had to do x-rays because I had to twist my arm in all sorts of ways! Luckily, I was better in about five weeks. 🙂


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