Kit’s Corner: Review of Kit’s Chocolate Making Set!!

imageHello awesome doll lovers!  Today we will review the chocolate making set from Kit’s collection!  I am quite pleased with this set and it is SUPER DUPER realistic.  so lets get going!

imageOne of my favorite parts of this set is the pretend molding chocolate!  The box is realistic and I like that the price is five cents!  XD!!

imageAnd inside the box is four awesome chocolate pieces!

imageThey look like real chocolate bars!

imageThe chocolate bunnies are SO cute!

imageIt looks like you can eat it!  On it’s back is a basket of eggs.

imageThe chocolate mold actually fits the bunny inside and is made of strong plastic.

imageThere are also little plastic thingies to hold the mold together.  I think this is a nice touch.

imageA perfect fit!

imagei also love the double boilers!

imageThere is a big one…

imageAnd a slightly smaller one.

imageThey stack too!  The lid fits on both of them.

imageThe spoon has a great wooden texture!

imageThe Easter basket is so beautiful!  the plastic is strong and the ribbon is the perfect color to compliment the daisies!

imageAll three bunnies fit inside!

imagethere are three sheets of tulle…

imageas well as three Easter colored ribbons.

imageit is a little hard to tie in the bunny though.

I love this set!  It has great play value too!  Kit will have so much fun at Easter with this set!  So I have a little boredom buster for you.  If you have nothing to do, I would love it if you surfed the archives of my blog and commented on them!  I hope you do this because I have some great posts that did not get lots of attention because my blog was really new.  Thanks guys for supporting me so much!  you guys are so cool!  bye!

-Samantha and her dolls  ❤


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