Kit’s Corner: interview with Maryellen!


“Hello everyone!  today on Kit’s corner, we are featuring an interview with……”


“Maryellen!”  “Yes kit, i am quite excited!”


” So Maryellen, we all know that you come from a huge family.  What are some reflections on that?”


“Well, i would say that it was both a blessing and a curse.  I got more special moments, and none of us were ever bored.  I also enjoyed watching the little ones grow up over the years.  But as all people do, we fought A LOT.  It was sometimes annoying.  And i barely ever got any attention.  It was also really hard to be heard.  But we were all one BIG happy family!”


“The seaside diner is a large piece in your collection.  Why is it so special?”


“It was very special to me because I had my birthday there.  Our family went there often for a quick meal on plenty of nights in case Mother didnt feel like cooking.”


“SO, what are some opinions about school?”


“well, on the first day, you all know it didnt go so well.  My poodle skirt wasnt exactly unique and I got in troublw with my very nice teacher.  But my favorite subject is geography.  I know all my countries!”


“and now for the final question, How do you like your new home?”


“I think it is mighty fine.”



How did you like that?  i haven’t done a kit’s corner in AGES!!  And it seemed fitting to do an interview!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls


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