My Christmas 2015 Wish List REVISED

Hello wonderful readers!  I will probably from now on take turns posting on both blogs! So it is fair for both of my blog audiences!  BTW, I love the new WordPress posting experience!  It is so much nicer and I really feel that it helps!  So a few days ago, I posted about my wish list that involved Grace’s things.  And somebody went to the AG store and maybe fell in love with #55…

new doll!

So of course, I really want #55!  She would be named Taylor and she would be obsessed with Taylor Swift.  She would LOVE jazz and her personal style is girly girl!


I also LOVE these pajamas!  i am having a sleep over for my Birthday that is six days after Christmas so…

accessories truly ee

She would ROCK the truly me accessories!


This Sparkly Jazz outfit is perfect for her recitals!

jewel highlifghts

and i think that she should always have highlights!


So that is my awesome Christmas list!  i also really would like gift cards so I have an excuse to go to the AG store…  bye!





23 thoughts on “My Christmas 2015 Wish List REVISED

      1. Your welcome! I am glad you got the letter. Do you like everything? And I’m sort of asking for a doll. I didn’t put it on my list but I am planning on buying Caroline if I get Christmas money.


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