Brand New Holiday Profiles

Hello!  Today I decided to use Karen’s awesome tips to create new holiday profile pics for the dolls.  Remember to check out the meet the dolls page right here to see the new holiday themed pics and interviews with the dolls!  Now lets take a look!


Molly MaCintire


Maryellen Larkin


Kit Kittredge


Emily Bennet


Saige Copeland


Hope you liked them!  Maryellen’s is going to be my holiday header.  Remember to check out the updated Meet The Dolls Page!  Bye!


18 thoughts on “Brand New Holiday Profiles

    1. Thank you for commenting! They are both homemade. The reason that you can only see the white on Kit’s sweater is because there are actually buttons placed in a snowman pattern on the facade of the sweater. I have three other matching skirts and sweaters; at the time, I only had three Dolls. The dress is also sewn by my grandma, I have four others in differing colors but in the same pattern. Would you like to see them? Thank you for asking and commenting!

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