Review Of The Warm Winter Outfit For Dolls


Good Morning everyone!  Today Saige informed me that she wanted to get on the laptop and review the Warm winter Outfit while i finished my Thanksgiving scene for the dolls.  Take it away Saige!


Why hello darlings.  Today i will be reviewing my new Winter Warm Outfit!  I now OWN it and I am excited to review it!

“You Don’t OWN it Saige. It belongs to everyone in the doll house.”

Hey!  Aren’t you supposed to be working on Thanksgiving and not spectating my every move!  Anyways, as I was saying, I own it and am excited to review it!


First if all, we have this lovely sweater!  I t is color block of purple, orange, and salmon pink.  Very wintery.


The knitting is sort of chevron and I think it adds lots of detail!


The heart elbow patch is also a very nice touch.


These leggings are nice and comfy; they stretch too.


The boots are very detailed!  They are lined with white fleece and there is plenty of detail!


On the soles of the boots there are beautiful snow flakes!

I hope you liked my review!  Bye!


11 thoughts on “Review Of The Warm Winter Outfit For Dolls

    1. Oh wait! Sorry about the Uh… Excuse me comment! In my little managing comments thing on WordPress it only showed the word I on your comment! Sorry! I will most likely delete the Uh…excuse me comment.


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