Camp AG- Hunting for the Knight


Hey there!  Today is the second activity for Camp AG!  Lets take a look at the dolls’ hunt for the Black Knight!


Emily’s POV

We all gathered around the hint, that is, those who were interested in getting free snacks for all their cabin-mates.  Out task was to find a small black plastic figure, hidden in these woods somewhere.  I was in Cabin Owls, with Saige who decided to do this with me.  We all read it out loud together.


“I am hidden in a place where the ground is littered and the roots burst full.  When you find me, you will see that they almost never fall far.”

And that was when it clicked.

While the coyotes just went straight for their search without a word, Saige and I just stood there until Saige decided to speak.


“Saige, I have it all figured out.  Just follow me,”  I replied, praying that I wasn’t wrong.

I led her on until we were blocked by a bush.


Saige gave me a questioning look, but we just plunged into the bush!


And sure enough,


I-No, We found the black knight!





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