My Favorites from the new AG Release

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Hello there!  In case you don’t know, my Family and I rented out a cabin by a river for this week and I’m leaving tomorrow.  There is a computer, (how else could I type this post?) but I guess I was having to much fun to get around to posting!  But the spot we are staying at is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, so I took lots of photos for camp AG!  Also, Emily was very clumsy by the river and got wet, so I figured out how to naturally fix a wet doll!  No hair dryers and no removing of limbs!  So stay tuned for that.  But today, I’m posting about none other than the new AG release!  I chose a few favorites, because some of the other stuff was a little “meh”.  So let’s get started!

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kittensweater1.  Kitten Sweater For Dolls


ADORABLE!  I love the fact that AG is releasing a lot of cat inspired outfits.  They are SO CUTE!  It almost makes up for the fact that they have several dogs and only one cat!  Almost…  But maybe it means they are in the works of another cat! I am for sure getting this when I have the chance.


2.  Silver Print Cat Tee for Dolls


Again, adorable!  I am also for sure buying this! I love the blue stitch and the metallic!  So cute!


3.  Bubble Dress & Leggings For Dolls


I am a big fan of the leggings and the denim bubble dress!  I especially love the pink belt in the middle.  I wonder if it comes off!  I’ll see as soon as I order it I guess!


4.  Pretty Plaid Shirt For Dolls


I think that this is really great for mix and match1  Unbuttoned, tied, untied…Endless possibilities!


5.  Trundle Bed for Dolls


I love this!  It looks like the same design as the My AG day bed, but I think these covers are way more cute! Probably won’t be buying though…


6.  Doll Sports Activity Book


Is it just me, or is that A SKATEBOARD COURSE?  Point proven.


7.  Lea’s celebration outfit



Anyways, I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorites of the new AG release! I will probably do this for when Melody comes out too!  See you Sunday!  But before I go, make sure to tell me in the comments what you thought about this post, and which you want to read first: How to Fix Wet Doll with no removing limbs OR  Camp AG?



7 thoughts on “My Favorites from the new AG Release

  1. Great post! I love AG’s latest release, they did an awesome job in my opinion! 😀 I would love to see Camp AG first! 🙂

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