Entries+Winner Of Saige The Star’s B-Day Giveaway!


Hey girls!  It’s Saige, the star!  And as you may know, I share a Birthday with Samantha on December 31st!  So in honor of my birth, I held a giveaway, a photo contest in fact!


So I got some entries, and I randomly picked one WINNER!  The Winner could win:


Some awesome prizes including:


The AG dots and stripes swim suit, The AG Tropical Print dress, and stick on Birthday gemstone stickers!  (Also a classic AG star sticker, not pictured, and a card from Samantha!)


Lucky, From her blog, made Samantha a pretty b-day picture with Grace in the middle!  Thank you Lucky!


Light4lord and her dolls, from Dolls N’ All, sent me this pretty Birthday collage!  Thank you so much!


Madi and her doll Chloe from DWOD, made Samantha a special Birthday greeting!  Thank you so much!


Tory, from her AG Blog,  sent me a picture of her tsum-tsums in honor of my birthday.  thanks Tory!  bday5

Julia, from her blog love my dollies,  made Samantha a SUPER sweet B-day surprise that you can read more about HERE!  Thanks again Julia, you are so kind.  ❤


So, Are you…




The Winner of My B-Day Giveaway??img_3313

The winner..

Of My B-Day Giveaway…




Congrats Madi!  You can email me your address at agdollawesome@gmail.com within 4 days, otherwise I’ll have to pick another winner.  ;P

Madi, You and your dolls will Receive 1 unopened AG Stripes and dots Swimsuit, 1 unopened AG Tropical print dress, 1 unopened AG stick on gemstone earring set, a card from me, some posters from me, and a classic AG star sticker!  


I used an online tool to pick a winner, so it was totally fair, in case you are wondering.  😛


Oh, and one more thing, you are FANTABULOUS, even if you didn’t enter or win.  Right now, Agdollawesome is very thankful for 152 followers, and we love all the pictures that were sent in!  Kisses, 

-Saige The star

25 thoughts on “Entries+Winner Of Saige The Star’s B-Day Giveaway!


    Wait, no, I can’t die! XD Oh my gosh, I am SO excited! LOL! Thank you so so SO much, Saige and Samantha! I’m emailing you right now! EEEEEEEEEEK!!! LOL! Okay, I’ll calm down now so I can send you guys an email! XD And once again, congratulations on 152 AMAZING followers!!! ❤

    Liked by 5 people

      1. You’re welcome! But seriously, you deserve this win and many, many, MANY more. 😊💜



        Liked by 3 people

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