Cookies and Anxious Boxes- A Photo Story



I sat at the kitchen table, as usual, my outfit on flique.  I sported a stylish pair of vintage floral leggings, paired with a wintry sweater, and straightened hair.  I sipped a glass of milk, and the caramel dipped apples Grace had prepared for me.

I was quite grateful for Grace, she gave me food and kindness but it was a whole ‘nother story with Kit.


Her sweaty self from volleyball practice sombered in, graciously stepping up onto the counter.  I watched with sheer astonishment as to what she did next:


She teetered precariously on the wooden kitchen counter, reaching for the jar filled with Garce’s prize M&M cookies…


And she grabbed the jar, almost falling onto the bed in the process.

“WOOOOO!”  She yelped, very un-lady-like.  “BAM!  MISSION COOKIES, SUCCESS!!!!”

I snorted in disgust.


“Kit when are you EVER going to grow up?”

“Woah!  Lets not get ahead of ourselves.  I have the cookies, that’s all that matters!  My precious..”  


She gulped down 3 of the chocolate filled delights in about 10 seconds.


“You know, Emily will ground you for the 2nd time this month if I tell her….”

Kit surely would give in to my threats, but it’s not like I wanted to even glance at the cookies she has covered with sweat.


Kit continued to stare at her cookie.

“Ha!  As if you didn’t sneak out last week to cheer at that football game!”

She had me there.


Samantha clambered into the kitchen, looking very nervous.  I kept tabs on all the sisters, but Samantha seemed as if she hasn’t done a bad thing in her life!


“Uhh, Hi Kit and Saige!”  She said in that high voice she used when she was anxious, “I jus-”  Kit cut her off by placing a hand on her shoulder.

“No cookies for you, MY cookies.”

“Ummm… I wasn’t going to eat our cookies…”

“Not ours!  MINE.”  She laughed a brief nerving giggle.

“Well, Emily said that a package was coming, and since we just hit 160 follows, we get to open it ourselves…”

“And?”  I asked, boggled.
“And it-”  the doorbell rang, and we heard a crash from the door, “That’s it!”  Samantha squeaked, and then Emily came shoving in.


I scowled on the inside at the hideous pants she was wearing.


Emily was silent for a second as we all took a moment to process that there was a doll box coming in…


“We bought a sister!”  Emily shrieked excitedly!


We still couldn’t process it.  I could, but I just stood there to be more dramatic.  😉


I helped open her, as I had done to 5 other sisters, this one the 6th.



And the new one stood up.  She wore a strawberry print dress, and held a soft brown teddy bear in her hand,  Her skin was pale, almost lighter than mine.


At her feet sat a round, cherry red suitcase.


She had short hair, the length of Kit’s, with lush honey brown curls.


We whispered solemnly to one another, her adorable red ribboned hat throwing us all off the loop.


“My name is Paisley, I am 8.5 years old.  Can I stay?”






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