The Swiftie Face Off/Collab with Rutvi


Check out the part in Brooke’s POV on Rutvi’s blog:  buzzaboutag!

I was lying on my couch,

I remember….


I was lying on my couch like in “Out of The Woods”, but right then, all I was trying to do was get out of studying.

I really didn’t need to study, but since I’m grounded for giving Saige sunscreen for her acne, I have to study for a test I already know the answers to, Em’s orders.

So I turned on Taylor Swift, because she is pretty much all I listen to.  I’m a Swiftie.  I’m her #1 fan, I have a wall full of T. Swizzle posters, every single single, pun intended, album, I have everything Taylor Swift!


Saige gets really annoyed when I quote Taylor swift, but there’s pretty much one person who doesn’t mind, my Bestie, Brooke!

So I facetime her.


“Hey Amelia!  What’s up?”

“Nothin much, I’m grounded though.”

“Hang on, could you turn off your music, it’s drowning out my Taylor Swift!”

“No way!  Then I have to listen to Grace baking to the sound of “Be our guest”, and, well, Baker’s gonna Bake!”


“But I’m listenin’ to Bad Blood!”

“Well, I’m listening to Out Of The Woods!”

“Fine then, whatever.  We’ll compromise.  I’ll turn mine down and you turn down yours.”

Brooke seemed pleased, as was I.  I was waiting to fangirl tremendously with Brooke, until I had an idea…  Obviously, Brooke did too.

“Oops, I forgot something, I’ll be right back!” she exclaimed as she dropped her phone, leaving a full view of her ceiling.  I quickly hurried to the closet, and jumped back right as Brooke did.


I was very disappointed in what Brooke was wearing.  She had a guitar, as I had stolen Saige’s.  She had full red lipstick, as did I.  And she also had on a stylish pair of leggings, along with a white top, as did I.  We both looked exactly like T. Swizzle, some of us more than others.

Yeah, Brooke definitely pulled it off better than I did. Plus, I could barely see a thing without my glasses.

She looked equally disappointed.  I mean, I was happy we were twinsies, but not in the right way.

“You-you look like a deranged Miranda Sings.”  I gasped as the words came out of her mouth.  How dare she?!  I mean, I guess I kind of did, but…

“Shake it off Amelia, Shake it off”, I mumbled to myself.  I immediately tried to think up a clever-ish comeback.


“Yeah!  Well-well, you look like-Taylor Swift!”

I wanted to wipe that smug look right off her face.

“Then obviously, I’m the BETTER Taylor Swift!”

No.  That was definitely not true.  No way, impossible.  I couldn’t even, like I was unable to even.

“Fine then.”

She looked confused.  “Fine what?”

“May the best Taylor Swift win!”

She repeated my words, “May the best Taylor Swift WIN.”

I hung up.

“She thinks she’s the best Taylor Swift, I’ll show her, and I stormed off.


“Hehe, ’bout time!”  I muttered when a facetime from Brooke came.

“Hey.”,  I was about to reply, but she beat me to it, as her dog bounded into the frame

“Even my DOG is a better Taylor Swift than you!”  I gasped as I saw what her dog had-


A tiny GUITAR??

Wait a second…

“Aha!” I exclaimed!

Brooke’s expression turned into a boggled one, “What?”


“You’re not a real Taylor swift fan! REAL T Swizzle fans call her, well, T Swizzle! AND, REAL TAYLOR SWIFT FANS HAVE CATS!!!”

I held up Queenie as she yelped in protest.

“agggghhhh…I knew you were trouble when you walked in”, Brooke groaned to her dog as she hung up.






Yeah.  So I pretty much needed to blow her mind with what I was working on.



Lets just say that didn’t get a response, HA!  I quickly changed her contact name to “not taylor swift”

Days passed, and I realized that Brooke and I hadn’t talked to one another in quite a long time.  But I knew it wouldn’t last long, and I was correct when my phone rang with a text from Brooke.


I decided to take the smug method to her text.  I want the “Red” shirt… Like really bad.  

After school that day, I got yet another call from Brooke.

“Hey Amelia, want to see some pictures of that Taylor Swift Concert I went to when you were, ah, sick?  I wish you were there!” I hung up.  Again.

Moments later, I decided to text Brooke:


Kill em’ with kindness!  If Brooke heard me quote selena gomez… Or dare I even speak her name!  I am cursed. 

The week continued for what seemed like forever.  The next day, I called Brooke saying that she uses the same shampoo that Taylor Swift does. Brooke hung up on that.
Then I sent her a text:
Do you want to keep doing this whole Swiftie battle or not? 

I almost do…

Brooke responded.
I didn’t respond, and the pair didn’t speak for another few days.
Then, as I was studying, my phone buzzed, showing a new text.
 And just as I hit send, I realized our Bad Blood was no more.











20 thoughts on “The Swiftie Face Off/Collab with Rutvi

  1. Our photostories turned out perfect! I was scared at one point because I thought some of my ideas wouldn’t make sense, but I guess they did!! 😛 ❤ I had sooo much fun working with you- we NEED to collab again!

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