Getting Out Of A Funk


I’ve Been In A Funk Lately.


You may have noticed.  This year has been the best of my life, but it’s also come with so many changes.  I have been less consistent with posting.  I haven’t been inspired, school has been busy.  The usual excuses.  But they’re true.


It’s hard for me.  I can’t tell if I’m growing out of dolls, or if I’ve just been in a funk.


I’m giving myself the summer to figure it out!


This is not a sad post, guys!  Just an update post!  I’m not leaving, not yet!

What I think is happening is that I’m not happy with the content I’m making.  I’m most happy with my content in the summertime, with all the huge mega photo stories!


Lots of series and stories are coming your way.  Because that is what I love to do.  Maybe I won’t post twice a week, maybe I’ll post twice a month.  Maybe I’ll post every day.  We’ll see.  I get out on June 7th, I’m going to be choosing the series I want to start, which is most likely going to be Infinidelta.

I know I told you that you would be able to vote, but I want to do what makes me the happiest to create.


Here is to this Summer.  Here is to getting out of a funk!  ❤


18 thoughts on “Getting Out Of A Funk

  1. I’m so happy you’re doing Infinidelta! I was going to vote for it! Your posts are amazing, and I totally get the not being as inspired thing . . . it happens to the best of us. 🙂 Which you are!

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  2. You can do it girl!! I’ve been going through the same thing. I’m seeing how this summer goes as well. I hope you stick with it your posts are amazing!!
    Rose ❤️


  3. I’ve been in a funk too but all I try to do is think of all the people that love me and that I love and that usually helps with the funks! XOXOXOXOXOXXOOXOXXOXOXOXO


  4. I was in a funk for a little while as well, so I hope your get out of yours soon too!! Just take a breather and when you come back the right choice will come to you naturally. 😊


  5. I’ve been in a funk recently, too. Lots of family stuff going on, plus big decisions on home improvements and upgrades (which translates to a lot of money). Things are starting to settle down, though. I love your idea!!


  6. You should do a realistic fiction photo story about a pixelated sky…’One day, the sky was pixelated’ and play off of that, sorta like Infidelta


  7. Hey Sam! How are you doing? 😀 I miss you in the blogosphere, but I totally understand the whole being in a funk thing – I hope you find something that works for you. 🙂


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