Review Of Maryellen’s Play Outfit!

imageToday I will review Maryellen’s play outfit!  this is my favorite outfit of hers!

imageLets start with the top!

imageThere are four red buttons with a seam right next to them to connect the adorable red checkered lining!

imagebut don’t worry, you don’t have to do any buttoning!  There is some very helpful Velcro down the sides!

imageI love the detail of the embroidered cherry too!

imageIt matches the shoes!

imagethe collar is lined…

imageAnd so are the slits on each sides!

imageThe head scarf is cohesive, but does not tie in a bow!

imagethese pedal pushers are very fifties!

imageI wish the faux pocket was real!

imageThe buttons are a very nice touch!


Maryellen loves her new outfit!


5 stars!

Is there anything you do not like?

i wish the headscarf tied in a bow and I wish the pockets were real.  But other than that, the outfit is perfect!

I hope you enjoyed!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls


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