DIY AG doll First Aid Kit


Hey everybody!  I’m staying home from school today because my throat has been hurting for three  days now.  I have six more days of school left!  YES.  Tomorrow, I have a pizza party at school because my classmates and I read so many books.  I reached 300% of my goal, so I get my own pizza to share with friends from other classes!  I’m so excited!  On Thursday, I have a sundae party for intermediate band, and on Friday, it’s my last GATE class.  (Gifted and Talented Education class)   Then we get off on Wednesday, where we get root beer floats and a talent show!  So these last few days will be really fun.  Then, I’m in SIXTH GRADE!  Yay! So today, I thought it would be fun to do a quick DIY that I came up with for a first aid kit for your doll!  i know that I haven’t done one for a while, and it will be perfect if your dolls go to camp!  When I get off from school, I’m going to do my first camp post!  Since, sadly, Camp Dolldiaries won’t take place this year,, I’m going to do projects from one of the previous years!  That will be so very fun!  But for now, let’s get crafting!


You will need:

-mini tupperware of container


-Doll scissors

-red craft foam


-hot glue

-toilet paper

-tan paper

-doll sponge

Doll Q-Tips:

Simply cut a full sized Q-tip in half!

Doll Gauze:

Get a square of toilet paper.  Fold it strategically and roll it up.  You can probably figure it out..  😉

Doll Band-Aids:

Cut the tan paper into tiny rectangles.

The container:

I used a mini first aid kit container with lost contents.  For the top, I used red craft foam to cut a cross and to hot glue it on the top. I used a doll sponge and scissors for extras.



10 thoughts on “DIY AG doll First Aid Kit

  1. ❤ the craft! It sounds like you have had a lot of fun lately! Also congrats on reaching your goal! I hope you will have fun in your last few days in the fifth grade! ❤ kaitlynrh1 😀

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  2. Great craft!
    And you will LOVE sixth grade. It’s so much fun! 😉 Good luck in school next year. 🙂
    We had a pizza party AND ice cream party today! It was delicious, but Not a good idea for a bunch of hyper, hungry kids! XD

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  3. Nice craft! I hope your throat feels better-get well soon! Also, congrats on reaching your goal! The last few days at your school sound really fun, especially the talent show, pizza party, and the sundae party-YUM! 😉

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  4. This craft is so cute! My dolls could have used it the first time they went to camp! 😉


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