American Girl Photo Shoot Competition-Challenge One and Teams


Hello awesome readers!  As you may have heard, I am hosting an AG Photo Shoot contest!  I have three spots still open, one for each team, so sign up’s are still accepted!  First up, let’s say hello to your Team Rosters!


Team z





Team Lanie




maryellen strawberry

Team Maryellen


-Joys Of Julia




Let’s Cheer on our teams in the comments everyone!  Now for your first Category:


Take at least ten pictures of your Doll according to the category.  To submit, put them in a blog posts, slap on a title, and shoot me the link in the comments.

There will be five challenges, and each challenge, I’ll pick the best photo shoot out of all of them and give that person’s team 5 extra points!  Here is how I will judge each photo shoot score:

-Sticking best to the category

-thinking outside the box

-including a pet-3 points

-the doll’s outfit

-the doll’s tame hair

-photo quality

-bokeh in at least two photos-five points

-Two Dolls-3 points

Plus, if you enter one, you already get five points!

NO EDITING, but I allow watermarks!


What are we waiting for!  Take your photos!

-Sam and the Dolls



19 thoughts on “American Girl Photo Shoot Competition-Challenge One and Teams

    1. You could put captions like “She looks so pretty in this outfit!” but just be sure to do it in the WordPress editing before you put your photo in the post! It can’t be on top of the photo, but you can just put it in normal text below the object! 🙂

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  1. Okay, here it is! I nearly *died* while doing it… I was being eaten alive! 😀 Pesky mosquitoes… the only comical thing was that they kept landing on the dolls too… Anywaaaaaaaaaaaays.. I couldn’t think of a very good title, but here it is!!!! I think I did almost everything on your list. I kept referring back to it and I was like: “Okay.. her hair looks okay, no, no I need to brush hers again… WHERE DID I PUT THE LENSE CAP?!?!? Oh wait, it’s right here. Okay, Honey, please just stay there and cock your head like your little furry ears are listening. Julie, will you please stop falling over and just stand up? Thank you. Now, all for the sun. Three, two, one… bokeh!!” Something like that. 😀 I hope that it doesn’t get judged by the title, ’cause then I would totally fail.
    ~ Light4theLord

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    1. Awesome! Thank you for entering, and I don’t judge very much on that. 🙂 And that’s how my photo shoots go too…I end up lecturing my camera for running out of batteries or grumbling to my doll for falling over LITERALLY right before I take the shot!


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