6 Tips On Being a Dolly Celebrity~Collab With Light4TheLord & Madison

6 Tips On Being A Celebrity Dolly

‘Sup everyone!  Happy April Fools day!  My family has it coming for them… *evil grin*

So, quite a while ago, one of my best ever blogging friends, (Check out her blog HERE), Light4TheLord, invited Madi and I to do a collan with her, the 6 tips on being a Dolly Celebrity!  Saige and Maryellen, my most famous dolls, decided to do this, and Madi has her dolls, Taryn and Jazzy, plus,  Light4TheLord has hers, Emmy and Madi!  This was super fun to work on, and I’m so happy with how it turned out!  On my blog, the one you’re reading, has the 2 tips that I chose to do, but at Doll’s N’ All, The full 6 tips all three of us did will be posted.  So give Light4theLord and Madison a follow, and comment on all three of our posts!  So here we go, let’s hop right on in!

Tip #1~Always be Accepting an Award, With Saige The Star


“Oooh, ICE CREAM!”


“Hello Ma’am, what can I get for you today?”

“Um…How about a rocky road fudge cone, Please!”

“That’ll be $3.50, Ma’am.”


“Here you go!”


“I am SO honored to be receiving this ice cream cone today, it means SO much to me.  First up, I’d like to thank this nice random ice cream lady that made it for me.. Oh and thank you to my sisters, they are all SO truly inspiring.  OH, and let’s not forget my cat!  She’s so darn cute.  Of course, I could never forget my Mom, Samantha, and my Best friends, Amy, and Kelly, Oh, and-”


“Ma’am, there are other customers waiting for their turn…”


Tip #2~Show Off, With Maryellen


“OH MY GOODNESS! A FAN! I’ll show off to my fan!”


“Hi there random person!  It’s me, Maryellen Parker, the most famous Dolly on Earth!  Would you like my autograph!”


“Who the heck are you?  And why are you smiling like that and walking like a flamingo?”


“I’m Maryellen Parker!  You know, from Agdollawesome?”

“I have no idea what the heck that is…”

“Well I’m famous all around the whole wide world, in all 50 continents!”

“There are 50 states, and only 7 continents…”

“OMG!  That means I’m famous in the other 47 that haven’t been discovered yet!”

“Uh…50 minus 7 is 43.”

“Well then you did the math wrong.  Want my autograph!?”


“C’mon, don’t be shy!”

“Still no!”


“Take my autograph!”

Hope you all enjoyed that!  Did you find it funny?  Let me know in the comments!  Also, check out the full post at Dolls N’ All!




22 thoughts on “6 Tips On Being a Dolly Celebrity~Collab With Light4TheLord & Madison

  1. Ha ha, this is great! Well done as usual, Sam. Where did you get their clothes?! I am in LOVE!!!!! 💕 ❤️💜😍 Did your grandma make them? I am jealous! Lucky Sammy. Happy April Fool’s! Camp NaNo starts tomorrow, and a week from today is my birthday! Yay! 🎉 🎁🎈💜 I’m rambling, aren’t I? Oh well. Great post, Sammy! You made me laugh. I applaud you. 👏



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      1. You’re welcome! YAY YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Ooh, lucky! Those clothes are gorgeous. Yes, it is ok. And who doesn’t love to ramble? Normal people, that’s what. Boo them! Yeah, I’d love to chat!


        Liked by 1 person

    1. Arggh! I just got back from my trip. I’m so sorry, I just found out that this post was up! I swear I scheduled it for Sunday like we had planned, but apparently it didn’t work! It did the same thing with Part 2 of Wealthy hearts, I had scheduled it for Wednesday but it went up Tuesday because of WordPress! I’m super sorry! It was totally not your fault! You’re so amazing for getting it up on Saturday, I’m sorry!

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