Wealthy Hearts~Season 1, Episode 2

Wealthy Hearts (1)

*Please read this on my actual site, for an unknown reason, the pics in the middle aren’t showing up in Reader.  And you need the pics to understand the story line!*

You can Read Part 1 Here.  This episode is going to be so amazing!  And heartbreaking.  Hope ya’ like!

An Original Agdollawesome Photo Series

~April 15th, 1912~


Jane had brought me the morning paper as she took my breakfast plate, and as I read, I saw something that would change the course of my life Forever.  


It was all a blur in my head.  Titanic.  Unsinkable.  Death.  Much Death.

Elizabeth’s Brother….


But one thought was the one I heard more clearly than all the others:

Go to her, Lavinia…

~Half an Hour Later~


When I heard that Elizabeth had taken to running away from her home in grief, I had known exactly where she had gone:

The Grantham Gates.

Elizabeth Grantham and her family has always been kind to me, and Elizabeth and I had been the best of friends for many years.  And The Grantham Gates, at the most remote part of Grantham Estate, where she lived, had been our secret meeting place for all those years.  A large brook ran in front of the peak on which the gates stood, with many wildlife frolicking about there.  Her brother and father would often hunt there with their dogs…

But now, only her father would.


When I came to her, I saw she was dressed in the customary mourning attire.


She had a pleated skirt, a matching black top, her finest pearls strung around her neck, and her hair decorated with an exquisite ribbonIMG_5517

“Oh Elizabeth!  My deepest sympathies go to you, your family, and your brother up in Heaven with our Lord.”

I tried my very best to act deeply saddened, as I was, but I could never be as sad as how Elizabeth was.


“Leave me, Elizabeth.  Richard was my brother, and you should not be grieving for his loss of presence, nor my sadness.  I seek peace at these gates on my estate, and I firmly direct you to depart from them.”

“That I cannot do, Elizabeth.  I need to be here with yo-”


“No you don’t!  Have you ever lost somebody you DEPEND on for your life!  My brother was the heir of this estate!  Now, there is no male to take over the title, like the law provides.  Do you know how horrid that is?  How hopeless it makes you feel?”


“Actually, I do.”  I replied coldly, “I know how hopeless it can feel, and I know how horrid it can absolutely be.”

Another tear trickled down Elizabeth’s cheek, “I’m so sorry Lavinia, I mispoke, I didn’t mean to make you feel that way!”


“It is fine, you are excused.  I should know, grief makes you say the things you would never mean.”

And with that, I left Elizabeth, and her heir-less estate, with the thought of my father up in heaven with God.

~May 15th, 1912~

One month after the tragic Titanic memorial in our small little town of Windsor, I received notice that William Rochester, cousin in Robert Rochester, my sister’s new fiance.  The annual Windsor feast had been canceled and replaced with the Titanic memorial dinner, so thankfully, I never got to meet, nor did I hope to.

Jane had told me that Beatrice had picked out my dress, a floral one with a red ribbon sash and multiple tiers, quite against my personal style, but I was grateful that it was nothing of the sort of poofy dresses that Beatrice picked out for herself on frequent shopping trips…


And then, as I strolled out to our garden, I saw him.

His delicate features resembled nothing of Robert Rochester, which I thanked the Lord for, and he looked…

quite handsome.

But I knew, the true test of handsomeness, was what lay in the heart.  I was eager to pry into his true colors, and take a close look at whether or not he truly was ugly inside.

IMG_5202  “How do you do,  Lady Parkington?” He inquired politely.


“Quite well, Mr.Rochester.  What business have you come for in the Parkington Estate?”


“Well, I must admit that my brother sent me to you.”, he blushed.


“And let me guess, it has something to do with those flowers in your hand?”

I saw him almost chuckle, but I didn’t mean it as a joke…I suppose.

“Here, Lady Parkington,”he handed me the gorgeous bouquet.


“Please, call me Lavinia.  I absolutely hate to stutter on all those titles and such..”I had hoped I didn’t sound stupid.

“Then, in that case, I shall call you Lavinia, and you may call me William.”

“Well then Thank you William.”

“You’re welcome Lavinia.”


“Your garden is beautiful,” he commented.

“Oh, well, it’s more of my mother’s.  She began to plant it after my father-”  I stopped.

His eyes softened for me, because I had a feeling he knew what I was referring to.

“After my father passed from influenza.”

“I’m sorry Lavinia.  Truly.”

He grasped my hand in his, making my heart flutter unexpectedly.

“But look at those blooms.  If they can make it through the hard winter, and still come back in the spring, then so can we.”


“Yes, I suppose so, William.  I suppose so.”


EEK!  I ship them so hard!  Do you?  Comment below what you think their ship name should be!

I hope you enjoyed…..

~Sam and Dolls



32 thoughts on “Wealthy Hearts~Season 1, Episode 2

  1. I love this! ❤️ Aw, poor Elizabeth. I ship it too!!! Squee!!! Their ship name should be… Lavilliam! Thoughts? Great photostory as usual!!!! I love your blog.



    Liked by 3 people

      1. You’re welcome! Glad you like the ship name. Coming up with ship names, and the ships themselves, are some of my many, MANY talents. 😉 You’re welcome! 🙂


        Liked by 1 person

  2. De shippink iz vhell-dahn, I shuppozh. Baht Ah still think thaht Vhilliam should tern out to be zhe villian. I am sho evil….

    Sorry, weird accent. Excellent photographs (and good angles for William’s hair.) Constructive criticism: I just think it’s slightly unrealistic that she’s not taking the death of her dad harder. Someone ought to knock some sense into her :P. Still excellent, though, and better than half of the young adult stories out there today! 😛


  3. So amazing. I love it. William’s hair is so cool! 🙂 Have any tips for keeping up with a photo-series? I’ve tried so many times but I always fail and give up. 😛
    -Geeky_Girl ❤


    1. Thanks! Hehe, yeah, me too! I basically took a few weeks to take every single photo needed for the photo series, and then decided what days I’m going to post them! Just be sure to take your time, don’t get to excited to post stuuf right away before making sure the quality is just right, that was my hardest struggle. Thanks for asking!


      1. Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be using these, I’m thinking of doing a photo-series set in the 1900’s or 1800’s. I have all of Samantha and Emily’s clothes.. soo..
        -Geeky_Girl ❤

        Liked by 1 person

    Maybe Willivina?

    Liked by 1 person

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