Solstice Children Episode 5

Solstice Children

An AGDA Original Photo Series

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“Come, sit!” That seemed like an order, not a suggestion, so I came and sat next to her,


“So, I hear that Iris brought you here after she mortally wounded you on accident… is this true?  Did she heal you with her healing powers?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Very well.  Did you happen to catch the legend of the Solstice Children?”


Remembering my conversation with Collin, I replied, “Yes I did.  But I never learned much about how you are expected to use your powers… And I would like to understand more on the monarchy of the solstice children,”


“Out powers are taught to us, and we train with our assigned pixies every day.  Your pixie will die with you.  It will be your lifelong companion.  A solstice child and their pixie is an insuperable bond. Pixies will be treated with respect, because of the gift they gave to us so many years ago.”


“We also will use our powers to overtake Equinox when it decided to target us.  And as for the monarchy of Eclipses, I am the queen, and the key descendant from Eclipse.  Of course, everyone here is in some s


“Look, I honestly don’t think I’m one of you… I think I’m just a normal girl who just happened to be in the woods,”


“Tell me, Eve, how did you get to the forest?  There’s no pint in lying to me, because I will find out whether you tell me or not.”



“W-well… I was born into Equinox, and my mother was struck by lightning when I was a small child.  I was born on the summer solstice, and the people there believe that I am unlucky.  The only people that was ever nice to me was a huntress named Helena, and a boy named Atticus.  Helena is dead, and nobody knows what happened to her… but they all blamed me.  They say that I killed her.  They banished me to the forest, where I would surely die, but Atticus helped me.  He’s probably dead now, though.  I’m no Solstice Child, your highness.  Just an unlucky girl, who was born on the solstice.”



“What an unlikely coincidence. And if you’re not a solstice child, what would you like us to do?  Cast you alone, back out to the forest?  To surely die?  Or back to Equinox, where I’m sure they will be just overjoyed to have you?”


“I don’t know where I belong,” I said bitterly.


“We shall find out soon enough.  Your training begins tomorrow.  I could care less what you think, Eve Moonstreak, but you have powers.  And you will unlock them.”



“Are you ready Eve?”

I pondered the answer to Collin’s question.  Was it yes? No?

“I hope I’m ready,”


“You will do great things, I can just feel it in the air,” Collin’s pixie, Rosalie told me,

“Thank you very much,”


“I just really have no idea what to do.  I’ve never had any powers before, and-”


“No, Eve, you’ve always had powers.  You’ve just never used them until today.  And the pixie will teach you.  Now get on down.  And Eve, I believe in you.”

IMG_9185 I jumped off the viewing post, and scrambled through the pebbles.

IMG_9186 Queen moonstreak gracefully stood and joined Collin in viewing, with her pixie.

I hope I do well in front of her…


The training stone was simply a flat stone placed on the ground.  My pixie stood there, waiting.


“Listen, Eve, I don’t believe in powerful powers until I see them.  I don’t believe in you, yet.  You had better impress me, the way the queen was talking about you!  It’s stupid to brag about something that hasn’t been done yet. My name is Lavender, and I am the strongest pixie that has been born in a long time.  I will never take it easy on you!”


“Um…Ok.  Sounds good,” Looks like she hates me already.  


“Now, what I want you to do is lift this shoe,  It should not be hard, considering you’re so powerful,”

“Yeah, and so are you,” I said, hoping to gain her respect,

“Are you patronizing me?  I will not be patronized.  Anyways, just put out both arms, and your supposed powers will flow into your palms, and out onto the shoe.  Just focus on the shoe, and repeat this word over and over again in your mind:  Lift, lift,”


I dis as I was told, deciding it was better to keep my mouth shut.  Lift, lift, lift…


And surprisingly, it levitated high in the air, and as I drew my arms away to admire my doing, it dropped and bounced on the stone.


“Not bad.  But I’ve seen better.  You need to keep your focus until I say it’s time to stop.  Your magic will last until you break your focus. When you move on to harder powers, you will need to keep your focus for hours on end.  It comes with practice,”


“Next, I want you to levitate me.”

“You?  Your whole body?”

Rolling her eyes, she said, “What did I just say!  Yes, my whole body!  Why would you levitate just my arm or my head?”


I focused on levitating this pixie with a bad attitude.  I really did.  IMG_9212

But the queen was watching.  She didn’t believe in me.  But Collin did.  And most importantly, I believed in myself.


I could show this pixie…


And with a rumble, the training stone was raised above the ground with a stone pillar that must’ve at least been 20 feet high…


Slowly, the fallen pixie croaked out the words, “That’s enough training for today,”



The queen looked fairly amazed, and to be frank, I was fairly amazed with myself as well.


Lavender reported to the queen, and I anxiously awaited as she discussed my future with a bunch of pixies.

There was no doubt about it now…

I was a solstice child.


Hundreds of Solstice Children danced to the melodious music.  They danced for me. What a change from Equinox.


The queen approached me, the one who organized this event.

“You know why we are here, I assume,”

I replied with a nod of my head.



“I want you to know that this gathering is for you.  You impressed me yesterday.  You may very well be the most powerful one here.  You and I both know where you belong, my dear.  I believe in you, my child,”

“Thank you, your highness.  I appreciate your support,”


I thought about the queen’s words.


Do I really belong here? And… if I’m a Solstice Child… how did I end up in Equinox?


My thoughts were interrupted by a call from Collin.



“What do you want Collin?” I groaned, jokingly.


“Isn’t this dance kind of for you? It seems kind of stupid not to dance at you own dance-related event.  So… would you like to dance?”

The answer was yes. The answer was yes the second the words came out of his mouth.


“I dunno… I guess?”


“And I don’t know what happened, but the next thing I knew, we were dancing.


“I’ve never danced like this before,” I said nervously,

“I won’t kill you when you step on my feet, don’t worry,”

This time the giggle came out.  Stupid, stupid…


“Hey stop worrying! Nothing bad can happen.  You’re safe here.”

Safe.  I was safe in his arms.  Or did he mean Eclipses?


“What is your power anyways, Collin?” The question had been forming in the back of my mind for hours.


“I can actually know what anyone’s feeling.  I can also alter feelings, but I’m not allowed to outside of training,”

“Wow.  Can you tell what I’m feeling?”

“Actually, no.  The queen thinks that I have an unfair advantage over others in my power.  I agree.  Feelings are private, and should stay that way.  So.. I try not to use that part of my powers unless I’m training with Rosalie.”


“I think that I’m felling happiness,” I thought aloud,


“That’s good.  A person like you should never have to be sad…”


Suddenly, we stopped dancing.


He stepped closer.  He was so close, that I could feel his warm breath.  It smelled like peppermints.


I closed my eyes.  I really hoped he couldn’t feel the butterflies in my stomach,



And then, just when I was about to move closer, I heard footsteps approaching…


Hope you guys liked that. Please don’t hurt me.  Please.  Sorry for the cliffhanger, but you’ll have to wait until next Monday to read more!  *evil laugh*

at least I’m a good blogger and posted this part the day after the last part give me a hug…

Leave predictions below!  Also, I have a question, who do you ship?  Collin and Eve, or Atticus and Eve?  Let me know, in the poll.  The winning number of votes is who Eve will end up with MAYBE.  But you guys can’t see the results so hahaha.

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Byeeeeee!  See you on Wednesday for a surprise, and on Saturday for a photo story!  And next Monday for Part 6!




21 thoughts on “Solstice Children Episode 5

  1. OOOOOH! This was AMAZING! I LOVED this, and I CAN’T wait until next Monday. This was so amazing. You are such a good author! I think this is better than Wealthy Hearts, just my opinion. I just love this. I really need to read the next part. This is great.


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    1. Okay, so had this crazy idea but what if Atticus and Iris get together and everything can be happy again…

      Bc my heart broke into millions of pieces, probably like AtticUs’s when he finds out his secret crush pretty much ended up with a different guy… Why, Sam???? WHY???!?!?!?


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