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Solstice Children

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“Yes, please show me.  Besides the matter, I’d like to know your names.  You have done a brave thing by hiding for all those months.  I’m sorry to say that I have no idea when or how things will possibly get better…”  I sighed.


“Greetings, your Majesty.  My name is Xander, and these are my cousins…”  The boy with the handsome haircut introduced himself.


“I’m Kiki, and this is my twin sister, Lili..”


“I’m Lili!”  She giggled.


“You have done a courageous act by gaining something from the other side, Lili.  Please show me what you have taken,”


“I’m sure you noticed it while you were held captive…”  Kiki started,


“It’s a sphere with bubbles inside of it… I consider myself to be perhaps above average on my knowledge of the magical tools of our world, and I think that this particular object is a type of crystal that allows the owner to be shown what is going on elsewhere, or anything they would like to see.  This may be the reason why Baron knew our plans.. and dare I say… how Andromeda kidnapped our pixies.”

I looked down, “She will pay for this.  Who knows what she’s done to them.”

All of us held a moment of silence for our little companions.


Kiki cleared her throat, “Lili will demonstrate it’s powers.  Lili, command it.”


I looked at the crystal ball.  I had studied it in my captivity, but only thought of it as a decoration.


Lili squeezed her eyes shut and spoke in her high pitched voice, “Show me chicken nuggets.”  

I let out my laughter, but she was dead serious.


And sure enough, those chicken nuggets appeared in the crystal ball.


I spoke up, “Show me… My pixie.”  Xander gasped, but it slowly appeared on the sphere.

IMG_1061 (2)

“No!  Stop!  Please don’t kill me!”  I covered my mouth as I heard the screams of my pixie.

“You wicked little thing… you deserve no mercy, and neither did any of your other friends…”

I sprinted away before I could hear anything else.



I turned to face him and he stared me down, “What do you want?”  I was slightly exasperated.

Xander had basically demanded my presence while I was in the middle of helping the Queen track down our pixies… and find out where they went.

There was a possibility that she had soldiers finding us and kidnapping our companions.  Who knew how they would end up.


I looked at him expectantly, expecting a response.


“Um..”  he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“Well?”  I sighed.  I had no time for the nonsense that teenage boys prioritized.

But I couldn’t deny that I was just slightly attracted to this particular one.  Go figure.



“I don’t want to be a bother,”

I snorted, “Too late for that…”

“But I think we’re worth making an effort to get to know one another, and you know what, you seem… pretty cool.”


I shook his hand, “If you want to know my past, there isn’t much to it.  I don’t know whether or not I’m one of you… I don’t even know where I came from or who my own parents are.  Eve found me… in the captivity of Equinox. And the rest… is history.”


Maybe it was the fact that our hands held on a little bit longer than they should have.  Or maybe it was how his broad smile lit up my eyes.  My heart fluttered.

And believe me, that had never happened to me, of all people before.


I called after him, “But don’t bother me while I’m doing important things ever again, ok?”

“Whatever makes you happy!”




I wondered if that’s what he wanted to do… make me happy.



His eyes were unfamiliar.

Yet I could vaguely remember them.  His piercing, icy blue eyes.

I had finally gotten the guts to confront him.  He had told me… our story.

He had saved my life upon my banishment.  He had loved me since the second grade, and he escaped his own home to be with me in Eclipses.

And he had just confessed his love for me.


“I’m so sorry I forgot you… I-I wish I could remember.”  I looked away, embarrassed and guilty.


“You know… it’s not the old memories that matter.  We can always make new ones.”

I nodded.


“I think… I think you’re right.”  I took a deep breath.


He looked confused, “about what?”


“That we belong together.”

He smiled so genuinley as he pulled the necklace out of his pocket, and handed it to me.  I swiftly clasped it around my neck.


“You know… we could make a new memory… right now.”

“What do you-”


I cut him off as I pulled him in for a kiss.

And I have to say, for a first kiss, it was probably the best you can get.



14 thoughts on “Solstice Children Part 7 Season 2

    And Hope and Xander are much much better than Hope and Collin. That might be just me though.
    I also love that quote: “You know… it’s not the old memories that matter. We can always make new ones.” ❤ ❤ ❤
    Though I do feel a little sorry for Iris. Oh well. She'll get someone….right? WAIT….COLLIN!!!


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