*The Spirit Of Giving*


Hey everybody!  It’s Grace, and today I’m going to be taking over the blog.


Samantha went to Toy’s R Us today.  Don’t worry, she wasn’t getting anything for us or herself this close to Christmas.


However, she’s been saving up all year long.  

Can you guess what for?  Yes, she’s been saving for a trip to the AG store on her birthday on December 31st.  But this is a different kind of saving.  It’s a saving for somebody else, somebody special.

And maybe we don’t know who, but we know one thing for sure, this person will hopefully have something to smile about on Christmas.


Not everybody is as fortunate as you and me.  Not everybody has a home, or gifts to wake up to on Christmas morning.  This post is not about being the best because of what Samantha bought, or bragging or whatever.  This post is about the Spirit of Giving.


Samantha has been saving up money for a year, and she bought an anonymous homeless girl a Wellie Wishers.


Now we think that Ashlynn is just too cute!  She has adorable freckles that we simply can’t get over.  But while she is adorable, she isn’t meant for us.


Ashlynn is meant for somebody who needs a little spirit.

Merry Christmas!




17 thoughts on “*The Spirit Of Giving*

  1. Giving in the true spirit of Christmas and I am thrilled you are giving a doll to someone that can’t have one. Merry Christmas Sam!


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