TomBoy Morning Routine//Collab with Bella@DollHabit for her 50 Followers Celebration!


7:53 am

Twas the morning on Saturday and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even Molly.


The sisters were nestled all snug in their beds,

while visions of candy corn danced in their-



It’s morning guys.  My least favorite time of the day.

I guess I’m supposed to show you all my morning routine, but I gotta say, I think mine is pretty boring.  Oh well, we all know you’re going to see it anyways.

I sleep in sweats because what do you know, now it’s 40 degrees at night in California. But I sleep in sweats all the time, so I guess the weather is just an excuse.

So apparently my hair is going to be curly for awhile because I was dumb and trying to be pretty by putting a braid in for like 3 months straight.  Don’t worry, I learned my lesson, never caring about the way I look ever again.




8:07 am

This is what I’m wearing today.  My tennis shoes are life, they’re pretty much all I wear.

I don’t know where my shorts are from, and same goes for my shirt.

I tried to brush out my hair, it didn’t go too well…


I won’t bother making my bed.  Emily will yell at me later about it and I’ll pretend I don’t know how, so she’ll just do it for me.  Tips of the trade guys.



I’m so hungry and I need to eat.  However, I posses literally zero cooking skills, so cereal it is!

I don’t like people watching me eat so… bye for now.


8:36 am


No.. go away!  I’m sooo not a swiftie… NO that’s not her new song you’re hearing… it’s heavy metal I promise!  Ugggh, get away from me.  I want to listen to my music in peace!


Untitled design

9:00 am

I am watching the baseball game from last night right now! Too bad the Giants aren’t on any more…


10:43 am

I’m getting ready for my volleyball game, so I’m taking my volleyball bag!


My water bottle, my shoes, kneepads, and uniform.  Let’s go!


11:20 am

Bye guys!  I’m at my volley ball game, and I need to focus to win, so I guess I’m just going to end this morning routine.  I hope you guys like it, I guess.  Wish me luck!

Bella Recently hit 50 followers!

Woohoo!  Great job Bella!  Keep it up!

So go check out Bella’s blog!

She is literally the sweetest person, and it was so much fun to do this collab with her!

Bye guys!


31 thoughts on “TomBoy Morning Routine//Collab with Bella@DollHabit for her 50 Followers Celebration!

  1. Nice beginning!
    Kit, you’re totally a Swiftie! I used to really be into Taylor Swift’s songs. Dome of my favorites were Mean, and Our Song.
    Awesome post! Kit’s really funny I MEAN COOL. 😉

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  2. I have officially changed my blog so anyone can post. Just visit my site and you can post anything you want, or put posts from your blog so more people can see them all on one platform

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