Wealthy Hearts~Season 1, Episode 1

Wealthy Hearts (1)


Ahem.  So I introduced my new photo series, what, like two weeks ago?  It was supposed to debut next Saturday, but I don’t have any photo stories tommorow, and I couldn’t wait for you to read it, so today it is!

So, just want to clear it up, the English didn’t pronounce “mama” like us Americans do, they pronounce it like:  Muh-ma.  Just so you know.  😉  😉  😉

So, without further ado, here is….

Wealthy Hearts!


An Original Agdollawesome Photo Series

Never in my whole entire life did I imagine that at this point in my life, the changes would be so radical.  So many expectations, yet only a respectable title in reward.


April 4th, 1912

I pondered my existence, which I found myself doing more often than anticipated, while looking into my mirror.  I found it almost impossible that 13 years earlier, I had come into this world.


Jane burst into the room, “Lady Lavinia Parkinton!”

“How many times must I remind you, I’d much rather you call me by my given first name!  It is so much more comforting than struggling with all the proper titles and such…”


The scents wafting from my breakfast tray she carried for me were absolutely ravishing.

Jane, my 16 year old maid, sighed deeply with happiness, “I know Jane,”,”But you must get used to your new titles.  No more Ms.Lavinia Parkington, it’s Lady Lavinia Parkington, now that you are of age.”


She carefully poured my tea as she spoke, “Have you pondered the idea before you rung your bell for me this morning?”

I had, in fact.


“A great deal, Jane.  And I have reached my decision…”

Jane grasped my hand, knowing my answer.

“I shall ride my steed this morning, like that of the opposing gender.”

“Oh Lavinia!”  Jane cried out,”You have followed your heart!  I could never be more proud!”

“I would do anything to make you proud Jane.”


She wiped a tear of joy from her eyelid, and came back minutes later with my outfit for today.

“You will be needing your thick stockings for this escapade, Lavinia.  Oh, and you mustn’t forget you-”

“Jane, I’ll be fine.”

“Well,” she let out another deep sigh, “Enjoy your first act of independence, Lady Lavinia Parkington.

“That, I shall.”



The cool wind battered my skin, but I had but a care in the world.  I was with Isis, my horse, and that was all that mattered.

I pondered my decision for a few seconds, while Isis galloped with me riding how young ladies were supposed to ride: side-saddle.


I swung my right leg over to the right side of Isis, and felt the comfort of riding like a man would.  I was straight on my horse, not the slightest worry of slipping off.

Until my Mother strode with daunting grandeur into our courtyard…


As quickly as I possible could, I switched back to side-saddle.


“Lavinia Elise Parkington!  How could you possibly even think of riding like a man?  Have you no sense?  And on the day that you become a Young Lady!  How shall I be able to present you to the world, riding like a Young Boy!”


“But Mama, I detest riding side saddle!”

“Then you shall not ride at all!  Isis will be tended to by the servants, do you understand Lavinia?”


I reluctantly stepped off Isis, while he let out a whinny of protest.

“Yes Mama, I understand.”


“And put on a shawl for heaven’s sake!  It is frigid out here!”

“Yes Mama,”, I slipped the shawl over my dress.

“You must start acting your age Lavinia!”

And once more I sadly replied, “Yes Mama.”


Later, after I had changed my clothes to Mama’s bidding, Jane informed me that my 23 year old older sister, Beatrice, had organized a picnic for she and myself.


“Happy Birthday Lavinia!”  Beatrice was already seated on the picnic blanket when I arrived, with watercress sandwiches prepared.


We began to engage in conversation, speaking about clothing and the delectable food the cooks had created for us.


“Lavinia,” Beatrice began quietly, “I have some news today I wanted to share with you..”

I, assuming it had to do with the being of the household or a new product she had ordered, replied, “What is it Beatrice, I must know immediately!”


“As you know, “”about 7 months have passed since I began my courtship with Sir Robert Crawley,”  I nodded, knowing the man she spoke about, the passive and apathetic Sir Robert that ignored me completely, I couldn’t bear to tell Beatrice, but there wasn’t a single bone in his body that would ever think of being somewhat kind to me.

“Well,”she seemed to choke with excitement, “He has proposed!   We are to be married in 4 weeks, no more, no less!”

Beatrice’s expression was joy, although I felt nothing but sadness.  I finally managed to choke out the lie, “That’s absolutely marvelous Beatrice!”, I paused, thinking of what to say next, “I believe that I have an acquaintance waiting for me in but 15 minutes, I must depart you Beatrice, but I assure you, with a joyous heart!”  I fought to keep my smile plastered onto my face.

“Before you go Lavinia, did you know that Robert has a younger cousin the same age as you?”, she seemed to think this a good thing.

“Why, I had no idea!”

“His name is William, I believe, and you shall get the chance to meet him at the Chancier dinner next week!  Isn’t that just magnificent?”

I nodded slowly, “Just magnificent, Beatrice, Just magnificent.”


What’d ya think? Liking it so far? I can’t wait to continue this series!

Then Please do let me know is the comments!

Any predictions as to what will happen next?

Behind the scenes:


The crepes that Lavinia feasted on were actually real pancakes that I made!






38 thoughts on “Wealthy Hearts~Season 1, Episode 1

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! The costumes are amazingly beautiful, I love the storyline, and I can’t believe you made actual food for them! That is too cute. Have you read Victorian Beauties on HHOAG? This reminds me a lot of this. Anyways, bravo! Well done! Looking forward to part two.



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  2. Is there any other British shows that you like besides downtown abbey? I’ve only seen a little downtown abbey but I really like: Poldark and Victoria😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you Madi! That means so much! I’m so glad you liked it! I’m so excited to post part two, I can’t wait for everyone to read it!
      BTW, for future reference, my very favorite photo series’ of yours was Little Orphan Emmie, it was AMAZING! So if you’re ever wanting to bring back a series, that’d be the one I’d love. I also love how your new sign off is a link, how on Earth does that work? (Just curious, I wouldn’t want to copy it. XD )


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