Wealthy Hearts Finale Party//Hosted by Light4TheLord


Hello and Welcome to the AGDA Finale Party!

In exactly ONE HOUR, the finale of Wealthy Hearts will air on this here blog!  We also have a little GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!

*Narrator’s POV*


“It’s me, Madi, your host, and the interviewer from Dolls N’ All!


Paisley Waved at Madi excitedly.

“Hi Madi!”

“How did you react when you heard that you were picked to play the star – Lavinia Parkington? Were you expecting it?”
“Well, I really wanted to be in a starring role, and Sam said I was just the person she wanted!  I think it was because if my curls.  Apparently they are VERY 1912-ish!  I wasn’t really expecting it, because I figured she would choose somebody older!”
 “Is it hard to play someone that’s like, five years older than you really are?”
“Actually, not really!  I learned to wear heels to make me look a lot taller than I really am, and I also have my sisters to model after, since they are around 13, the age of Lavinia!”
“Did you enjoy dressing up in all of those gorgeous and fancy dresses?”
Paisley glanced down at her fancy rose petal dress with a cream sash, “Uh, Of course!  I loved every single outfit I got to wear!  They were all so pretty!  Although, none of them were pink…”
“Which dress was your favorite to wear?”
“I really LOVED the teal bridesmaid dress I got to wear in Part 4!  It was sewn by Samantha’s grandma, just like most of the costumes!  It had a beautiful lace skirt.. and I just fell in love with it!”
 “Were those pancakes in the first episode good?”
“Yes!  They were so creamy and light.. I should ask Sam to make us more pancakes after Church tomorrow!  I didn;t get to eat them in front of the camera, since I am QUITE the messy eater, but I did when I was off set!”
“Thank you for answering these questions Lavinia!”
“My pleasure!  Have a nice day!”


“Oh look!  Over here we have Emily Parker, starring in the role of Jane!  How are you today, Emily?”

“I’m fine thanks!”

“Were you disappointed when you found out that you were only playing a maid, or were you glad that that was all?”
“Well, since I am sort of the mother figure in the family, I was quite happy that I got to play Jane!  I was very used to doing Paisley’s hair, taking care of her room, and  setting out her outfit for the day!  I also didn’t want to steal any of the major roles from my younger sisters, since I’m the oldest.”
“Were you tempted to snitch anything off the breakfast tray?”
“Oh yes!  In fact, don’t tell anyone, because I wouldn’t necessarily be setting a good example by stealing, but I drank all the tea soon after filming was finished!  Grace made everything on the tray!
“If you could’ve played any other character in Wealthy Hearts, which one would it be?”

“Well, I think the cast was perfect just the way it was, but I really think I would have made a good Mother!  But Molly was flawless in the role.  Plus, don’t tell her I told you, But I found her in her dressing room practicing her english accent once-and imagine was a sight that would be to see!”

The two laughed.

“Well, thank you for your time Emily!”

“You are very welcome!”


“And here we find Kit Cassidy Parker near the food table… She played Lavinia’s sister, Beatrice Parkington. Hello Kit!”

Did you like your role?

Kit quickly swallowed a mouthful of who knows what.



“Did you like your role?”
“Um, not really.  But I guess I look closest to Paisley, so that’s why I was chosen.  I didn’t like wearing all the fancy dresses, and it was really gross pretending that I was marrying Samantha-who was playing a dude!”
” Ok then…What was your favorite episode to film?”
I liked Part 1, because in the picnic basket, I got to eat all the food in it afterwards!
“The dresses that you wore in this series were very expensive, did you like wearing designer attire?”
“No way!  Sure they were pretty, but I don’t do pretty.  I do comfy.  They were a little scratchy, I must admit!”
“Would you like to have lived in that time period?”
“No!  Who would want to wear scratchy dresses all the time, and change, like 5 times a day!”
“Which character was your favorite?”
“My favorite character would have to be Robert, played by Samantha the doll, because it was fun to tease her about playing a guy!”

“Ok!  Looks like my time with you is up!  It was nice meeting you!”

“You too, I guess.”  KIt stared down at her sneakers.


“And here we have Saige, who played William Rochester, Lavinia’s Love intrerest!  Tell us Saige,Was it hard not getting to wear the super pretty dresses or were you glad because they were in the older days and not modern?”

“I was very angry that I wasn’t a starring role!  I was a DUDE!  That was traumatizing!”  she flipped her hair dramatically.

“As the awesome gal of the family, tell us a bit about BTS.”


“Ok!  I am the awesome gal of the family!  I laughed really hard when Paisley fell down in Part 3!


Or when Amelia was almost stung by a huge bumblebee in the middle of Part 2!”

“What was your favorite episode to film?”
“My favorite would have to be the finale… But I can’t tell you anything yet!”
“Thank you for Answering today Saige!
“You are very welcome Madi!”
“Hi Amelia! I love your beautiful dress!  Tell us, Did you really cry in Episode 2?”
“Actually, I did!  I cried mostly because I was thinking about how girls in 1912 actually could have gone through that.  Just kidding!  I mean, that is sad, but Grace was hired to chop onions on set!”
“You play a character that has a massive heartbreak after the death of…… (read the series to find out) – do you think that the way you reacted was realistic?”
“Yes, I mean we didn’t want to get to into detail on the tragedy.  It would’ve been too sad, and we thought it would be more dramatic if we involved friendship!”
“Which ship name for Lavinia and William do you like most, Lavilliam or Willvinia?”
“I REALLY like Lavilliam, but both are just…”  Amelia didn’t seem to know what to say next.  It was definitely her OTP.

“Ok Amelia, I’m sorry, but we’re out of time!  We’ll see you in the finale!”

“Thank you!”


“Oh look!  Here is Molly and Maryellen, who played Papa and Mama!”


“How many lines, in total did you have?”
“I believe I had about 7 lines in the finale, but none in the other parts, since I was a bridesmaid, but also a father who was technically dead!”
“You were tasked with playing two roles in the series, was it difficult?”
“No, not really, since one role didn’t have any lines!”
“Do you want bigger role(s) in the next series?”

“I actually DO have a few bigger roles in the next series, but I shouldn’t tell you much about THAT!”


“Hi Molly!  What character would’ve you have chosen to play if you had a choice, or did you choose this part?”


“I wanted to play William, actually! I guess I just wanted fellow fangirls to fangirl after me!”

“Was it natural for you to boss Paisley around as her ‘mother’?”
“Well, I would be lying if I said yes!”
“Did you have to work hard to perfect an accent?”
“Uh, actually no!  I came naturally to me!  Did Emily say anything to you?”
“Uh…No!  Looks like I gotta go, but it was nice talking to you two!”

“And Last but not least, we have Samantha Suzanne Parker, who play Robert Rochester!  Did you like the mustache Samantha gave you or would you have rather had an edited one on?”


“Well, I certainly didn’t enjoy playing Robert, but the mustache was kind of funny!”
“What did your wardrobe for the series consist of?
“I had a white blouse, leggings, boots, and also an inside out black top from AG!”
“Was it weird to play the part of Robert?”
“Since it was only one picture, I gave Kit a sisterly peck, like Emily always makes all of us do, so it wasn’t too weird.  I only had one line, and didn’t even have to talk mushy to kit!”

You can read the rest of the interview at Madi’s very own BLOG!

It’s me Sam!

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  1. Awesome post! Collab are great, right? 😉 I want to enter the giveaway! I’ve done all the requirements, and I also entered Kiki’s giveaway. Will the posters be in color? Thanks! Wish me luck! I can’t wait for the finale… 😀


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  2. Yay! I love giveaways! 🙂 I’m following this blog, Dolls ‘N All, and Redhead with a Book. I’ve a parent’s permission, I’ve read all of Wealthy Hearts so far, and I’ve entered Kiki’s giveaway, too!
    If I win, I’d love a Lavina poster. 🙂

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  3. This was so nice to read. I really love what you’re doing with these stories and such. Adding an interview is even more creative. About to go read the finale now☺️

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